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iBus System Solution

The iBus Server Center is the heart of the iBus Display System. It is the interface towards the Public Transport Authority (PTA) where all the dynamic data is sent/originating from. The iBus Server Center has support for all the common service interface standards such as the SIRI Interface and VDV Interface. It is also possible to adapt the service interface to non-standard PTA interfaces if needed.

The iBus Server Center repackages all the data before feeding all the displays with service information. The service information is sent/broadcasted over relevant geographical areas where the iBus Displays are installed.

All the iBus Displays can be individually controlled through a web interface in the iBus Server Center. The iBus Web User Interface is intended for users at the Public Transport Authority who are responsible for configuring and maintaining the iBus Displays. The iBus Displays only need a simple configuration of actual stop point(s) before they are fully operational in their environment.

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