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About us

Axentia creates and develops state of the art real-time information systems for the public transport sector. With 20 years of experience, unique products and dedicated staff Axentia is one of the leading suppliers on the global market.

Our vision to be the leading provider of information products at public transportation stop points is present in everything we do. It includes developing and offering the most innovative products with high quality but first and foremost to make public transport simpler and more attractive.

Since the very beginning an important cornerstone for Axentia has been innovation and product development. Working close with our customers to customize products to meet their needs has led to our present broad product portfolio and flexible way of cooperating with customers.

The headquarter of Axentia is situated in Linköping, Sweden. Here we have our own R&D departments for software and hardware as well as production of the real-time information displays. By having all functions at the same location the decision paths are short and innovation pace high.


Axentia was founded in 2004 through a buyout (MBO) from Sectra Wireless Technologies. The founders, who are still active in the company, brought a unique product portfolio with techniques and products for efficient, secure and low powered information broadcasting using the FM DARC radio network. New applications for the techniques were developed and soon formed into the main business area, real time information display systems for public transport. In 2005 the first public transport project was implemented with battery powered bus stop displays. Over the next coming years the business grew within the Nordics. In 2014 a new communication platform on the GSM/3G network was released enabling European countries to use the Axentia technique. Since then Axentia has developed the product portfolio with several display technologies, accessories and today naturally also using 4G/5G LTE.

In parallel a second business area based on the same FM radio network technology was developed focusing on alarm systems. These alarm systems are primarily used by government authorities with the need of delivering real-time information in emergency situations such as earthquakes, accidents at chemical plants etcetera.

In 2020 the private equity firm Adelis Equity invested in Axentia to increase development and growth in a faster pace than previously.

With more than 25.000 displays installed Axentia is looking forward to continue helping even more public transport authorities making public transport a simpler and more attractive way of travelling. To find out more about how Axentia can help you, contact us!

Sustainability at Axentia

Axentia’s most important sustainability contribution is to develop and deliver products and services that contribute to more travellers choosing public transport.

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