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Axentia iBus Products

Tailored to your needs

People depend on public transport in their everyday lives. The quality and availability of public transport information can make or break a day. Whether you live and work in the city or on the countryside, you need up-to-date information close by to keep your day going as you planned it.

Axentia’s battery or solar powered display system iBus ensure lower procurement cost, simple installation procedures and a more flexible administration. Real-time information services can be afforded over larger areas, reaching even more people.

Axentia’s iBus Display portfolio is very broad and can be supplied in many sizes and formats according to customer requests. Both hardware and software are developed by Axentia to ensure low power consumption and full control. This also enables us to be flexible and customize to a high extend whether it concerns technical functions or design requirements.

Our display techniques


The iBus displays are easily integrated in existing infrastructure or designed according to your requests.


See our accessories and add-ons such as Text-to-Speech button, solar panel and digital timetable and learn how they can enhance the total real-time information display experience.

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