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About Axentia

Headquartered in Mjärdevi Science Park, Linköping, Sweden, Axentia creates and develops cutting edge Display Systems for the public transport sector as well as cost-effective Alarm Systems for rescue organisations. With over 15 years of experience and a dedicated staff, Axentia has become a major player in these business areas.

Axentia has a unique competence in low power electronics design, mobile network communication and FM data broadcasting which are corner stone technologies in our product portfolios.


Business Areas

Public Transport Display Systems

Public Transport Display Systems

Axentia is a leading company in developing and supplying cutting edge display systems for public transport. Unlike other display systems, the Axentia displays can operate entirely on batteries.

The major advantages by having a display system for public transport that runs on batteries is lower procurement cost, simple installation procedure and more flexible administration. Real-time information services can now be afforded over larger areas, bringing up to date information to all the places where it previously has not been economically feasible to implement real-time information services.

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

With our unique FM data broadcasting products, it is possible to get nationwide real-time coverage by using the existing FM-radio infrastructure. This is a very powerful and cost-effective way of building secure and reliable real-time data networks for alarm systems.

When every second counts, as for example in emergency situations, the Axentia Alarm System solutions can help customers deliver messages over large areas in a very fast and secure way. Users are primarily government authorities with strict demands on real-time performance, communications security and reliability.

Our Sustainability Policy

Axentia considers the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects throughout our whole business. Our most important sustainability issue is to develop and deliver products and services that contribute to more travelers choosing public transport. To read our Sustainability Policy, click here.

Our References

We have over 15 years of experience and successful collaborations with public transport authorities all over Europe. With more than 10.000 displays deployed, Axentia has become a market leading supplier of battery operated display systems.

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