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Movia, Denmark

Movia is the largest mobility company in Denmark with over 13.000 stops in a large geographical area, both in cities and in the countryside. Movia is owned by 45 municipalities and two regions on Zealand.

Sustainability and innovation are both key focus areas for Movia who wants to lead the way in transforming public transport into the future’s mobility needs. With this mindset Movia wants to take new digital technologies in use in large scale. One of the main development goals has been to give accessible and reliable information to the travellers. Real-time information gives the most precise information and provide security and overview for the travellers. From a sustainability angle another goal has been to decrease paper schedules and replace with digital real-time solutions.

Adopting to existing infrastructure

Axentia and Movia’s joint journey started in 2008 when Movia bought the first batch of iBus LCD’s. The single sided display with one row and extra space for destination text were uniquely developed for Movia since they were to be fitted in the existing infrastructure of Movia Totems. This model was supplemented with a 2 rows iBus LCD display with flag design.

Developing a customized module

Next, Movia wanted to try E-paper displays. Axentia provided 13” iBus E-papers as test displays. Movia liked the model but wanted an efficient solution that Axentia were happy to develop. The bus stop infrastructure consisted of both totems and pole tops and Movia wanted to have the same display module in both. Thus, Axentia developed a 9,7” iBus E-paper module to fit in both bus stop models. To fit the Movia pole top the E-paper displays had to have a larger depth than the regular Axentia standard. Afterwards it could also be applied to the totem.

“We are very pleased with the Axentia real-time displays. Due to Axentia’s flexible and innovating manner Movia has an efficient product with excellent and reliable operation.”
Dennis Holm Petersen, System Coordinator and responsible for Countdown

It is easy for the installer to only handle one module regardless bus stop model. It is also possible to switch a module between different bus stop types if necessary. Another positive aspect of this solution fitting the same module in both bus stop models is that it requires fewer spare parts than having several different products.

Today Movia has approximately 1.500 real-time iBus displays installed in 40 municipalities in the Movia area which means that 76% of the bus travellers use a bus stop with real-time information. Even though these numbers are already high Movia continues to equip the bus stops still missing real-time information with displays.

Holte Station